Voltage Interview

Following the announcement of our forthcoming Remixed EP, we thought we’d sit down with a couple of the artists involved in the project to find out more about them.

First in the hot seat is the man like Voltage, undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to have risen through the drum & bass ranks in recent years, his trademark rolling analogue sounds have made him a firm favourite with DJ’s like Andy C, Hype, Friction, Bailey, Hazard, Bryan Gee, Total Science, Heist, Tyke and Annix to name a few. He currently has music signed to labels as diverse as Innerground, Low Down Deep, C.I.A, Viper, Sgn:Ltd, Critical, Spearhead, Chronic, Co-Lab & Radius, we’re now glad to have him representing on Direct Recordings


Give us a brief insight into your introduction to D&B and what first inspired you to start making music?

I was introduced to jungle around 1993. I was lucky enough to live in Reading which was the home of the legendary Record Basement shop & Vinyl Distribution, so spent a lot of time there as a young lad growing up around the early stages of jungle music and followed its progression into D&B.

I got into making music out of sheer boredom haha! Once I found out how easy it was to create music I was away.


You’ve had a lot of releases out over the past 12 months, how do you find time to make so much music?

I honestly don’t know… It’s no secret I have an army of kids so I honestly don’t know!! I just use every minute I can spare being creative. I always say you get out what you put in, so I like to think my rewards are a product of my dedication to producing.

Voltage Interview

How would you describe your sound for someone not familiar with your music?

Genreless. Old skool flavour with a modern twist.


Your music has been represented on an amazingly diverse collection of the scenes top labels, do you consciously tailor make your tunes to suit certain labels?

No not really, most of my signings have all come from the labels catching a vibe on what I do, then it just kind of moves from there. Obviously they have their tastes and vibes they enjoy, it’s funny the Critical project im working on at the moment came from a tune called ‘How It Should Be Done’ on Heist’s Co-Lab which Enei was smashing at the Critical parties. That tune couldn’t be further from what I hear from Critical Music so it proves that as long as you have a vibe people will feel it.



How did you approach remixing a track like Rise? Is it tough to put your own spin on someone else’s sound?

When I take on remixes I just listen for anything that will get me going, it could be the bass riff, it could be a single sample they have used. I do try and stamp my own authority on it as much as I can and turn it on its head. It’s safe to say I never ever know what style the remix is gonna come out as hahahah!


Finally what does the future hold for Voltage?
Lots and lots of releases as usual! Also the release of my debut album at the end of the year.


Voltage’s remix of Rise by DJ Ollie is due for release on ‘The Remixed EP’, available worldwide from 10th August 2015. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF ‘THE REMIXED EP’ FROM JUNODOWNLOAD

The Remixed EP