Stickbubbly Interview

As we all excitedly anticipate Stickbubbly’s imminent fourth release on Direct Recordings we thought we’d catch up with the man himself to find out a bit more about him, how he got into this scene, how he makes his tunes & where his unusual artist name came from

How did you get into D&B?

I was introduced to drum and bass by a friend of mine who convinced me to go to something called a ‘rave’ with him way back in 1995. Of course the term drum and bass was nowhere to be heard in those days, so as far as I knew I was going to a ‘jungle’ rave. The party was called Empire Strikes Back, and the headliners were DJ Hype and Phantasy. Needless to say, it changed my life.

syrous - "Empire Strikes Back" - Toronto
You’re based in Toronto, Canada, is there a strong D&B scene in your local area?

It’s had its ups and downs, but currently Toronto has a very healthy D&B scene with promoters such as Destiny, On Point, The Business, and Soul In Motion throwing parties almost every week where you can go see some of the best local and international DJ’s in the scene. The local talent seems to be getting better and better with guys like Ram Records own Rene LaVice and Bensley popping up in recent years.


Where did the name Stickbubbly come from?

I was originally born in Scotland, my family moved to Canada when I was just 2 years old. ‘Stick bubbly’ is a Scottish phrase my mom would say to me when I was being stubborn. It basically meant “suit yourself” or “do what you want”, and me being a pretty stubborn kid, I heard it a lot! I picked it for my DJ / artist name because I liked what it stood for and also the fact it represented a bit of my heritage.


How did your link with Direct Recordings come about?

Hmm, this is a good question. I’ve often wondered this myself. I met DJ Ollie in Spain during Innovation In The Sun about 5 years ago, we seemed to hit it off and he would take great joy in busting my balls or should I say ‘taking the piss’ about some acting I did in the past. A year later I received a message from him saying he liked my tunes and was interested in signing a few of them, and that was that. But he never mentioned anything about Spain and he didn’t have a go at me about my acting in these messages, so I’ve often wondered if he knows I’m the guy he met at Innovation, or if he just found my music randomly online and it’s all just a coincidence! So maybe this question would be better suited for him. “Dead or alive, your coming with me” ring a bell Ollie?? lol

Stickbubbly DJing

When making music where do you start?

When I write a song I usually start with the drop. I’ll keep hammering away at idea’s until something really grabs me. Then I just fill the rest in from there. This way I know I’m working on something I’m going to like.


Do you have a favourite piece of kit / plug in?

I can’t say I have one favourite plug-in because it really depends on what aspect of the song I’m working on, but if I had to name a couple I’d probably say Native Intruments Massive synth for making bass sounds and Omnisphere by Spectrasonics for pads and atmosphere’s.


What can people expect of your latest release on Direct Recordings?

For this next release I’ve backed away from the hard edge jump up sound and tried to aim for a more mature, melodic feel. With High Tide I wanted to try and capture an old ’99 feel with fresh new sounds. It still has the grime, but its combined with some soulful melodies and rich atmosphere’s to take the edge off a bit.

Trapped is a style of song I’ve wanted to make for a while now. Completely different from the stuff I’m used to making, it combines some really heavy drums with some more chilled out lounge vibes. I think the result is something that is much more melodic than I usually make, but still very dance floor friendly.


High Tide / Trapped by Stickbubbly will be available from your favourite download store on 25th May 2015. The single is currently being supported by Mind Vortex, Nicky Blackmarket & Grooverider to name a few.

Pre-order your copy now from

Stickbubbly - High Tide / Trapped