Modified Motion & Faction

Modified Motion & Faction Interview

Modified Motion & Faction have been popular names on the D&B scene for a long while now. Their recent releases ‘Its Spelled Pimp’ and ‘2 Bags of Grass’ both shot to the number 1 spot in the charts of all the main drum & bass outlets. Their track ‘Lurka’ was signed to Viper Recordings & of course they did a great job on their White Dragon remix featured on our recent Remixed EP.

We’re now pleased to announce the guys have done an exclusive single for us! With Modified Motion being based in London & Faction over in America we thought we should catch up with the guys to see how their unlikely partnership works & what we can expect next from them.


You’re both from different sides of the Atlantic, how did you two guys meet?

MM. Well We actually met through a mutual friend, discovered a shared love of music production and bass lines and the rest as they say is history…

F. Yeah it was literally crazy, we just linked and the music we produced together suddenly had a life of its own… Having somebody to bounce ideas off and reign you in when things get abstract is priceless.


How tricky is it working on music when you’re separated by an ocean & in different time zones?

MM. It’s not tricky, we have the power of the internet, we have been working together for 8 years so we are well practiced now.

F. The World is getting increasingly smaller and being able to use things like Skype we can work in real­time, it’s practically like being in the same studio as each other. As for time zones, I think we a both fully paid up members of ‘Insomniacs Are Us’ so time is irrelevant ha ha ha!


You guys are on fire right now, I’m hearing everyone playing your tracks. Is there a secret to being a successful producer ?

MM. I really don’t know if there is a secret to it! But if you ever find out if there is let me know…

F. I’m with Modi on that one hahahahaha. We never think of ourselves as being successful we just do what we do and it’s a massive bonus if people feel it too.


The remix of White Dragon you did for us recently went really well, do you find it easy remixing someone else’s music?

MM. UMMMMM yes and No! We really loved White Dragon and could instantly see where we were going to go with the remix, it just came together so naturally. Sometimes it can be a fight to get the balance right. With remixes you want to put your stamp on it without taking it too far from the original or not far enough. But the fact that it’s really something you need to think about and get your teeth into makes it all that more enjoyable. I love the remixing part of being a producer it really is an honour that a fellow producer gives you something they have crafted and the freedom to interpret it musically yourself.


Except for a recent release on Viper and of course your forthcoming release on Direct Recordings, most of your music comes out on your own Dynamic Audio label. Do you prefer to be in control of releasing your own music?

MM. We like to release on Dynamic Audio because it does give us total control, and I think our sound is distinctive and unique and the whole point of Dynamic Audio is that it is a sound board for us and other artists who don’t necessarily fit on other labels. However we would never limit ourselves to releasing on just one label or just our own. Our next release is actually due on Direct Recordings on the 21st of September and we have a few bits in the pipeline that are due to come out on other imprints (shhhhhh it’s all a bit top secret at the mo). But again these are tracks that are suited to the sounds that these labels promote, but still with our unique sound shining through.


The tracks on your forthcoming single Funk Foo & Chavy Chase both have interesting titles. How do you come up with the names for your tunes?

F. Sometimes we start with a name and take our inspiration from there, other times a name just fits the track.

MM. Yeah we also take names from vocal samples, we often have a working title but by the time it’s finished it ends up being called something totally different, like Deja-Vu on Propaganda was called Bad Larry practically up until it’s release date.


Finally are you working on any other projects you’d like to tell us about?

MM. Yes we are working on other projects, we have an EP due to drop on Dynamic Audio at the end of December, it will have the track Take Care by DJ Alpha that we have remixed, a colab with Supreme Being and 2 more tracks you might have heard me play in my sets recently. As much as I would love to tell you about the other project it’s on total lockdown, all I can say is, “IT’S BIG!”


Funk Foo / Chavy Chase by Modified Motion & Faction will be available from JunoDownload on 21st Septemeber, then all other download stores the following week. The single is currently being supported by Original Sin, Logan D, DJ Phantasy, Grooverider, Drumsound & Bassline Smith to name a few.


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