D&B Documentary

D&B Documentary Film

Our very own Stickbubbly is currently in the UK, along with a film crew from Canada, attempting to unravel and document the roots & history of D&B music.

Stickbubbly is no stranger to the film industry, as a child actor he played ‘Jimmy Murphy’, the son of Robocop in the Robocop TV series! This is his first documentary project and he’s fully committed to telling the whole story of the music he loves, this week alone he has spoken to Mickey Finn, DJ Phantasy, Logan D, DJ Ollie, Modified Motion & he has many more luminaries of the scene on his hit list to speak to for inclusion in the project.

No doubt it will take a while for them to complete filming and to edit together the hours of footage but we are very much looking forward to seeing the results. We’ll be sure to let you know when the documentary is complete so you can watch it for yourself.

D&B Documentary - Micky Finn

D&B Documentary - Phantasy

D&B Documentary - DJ Ollie

D&B Documentary - Logan D


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