The last couple of years have been pretty good for Polish artist Ravager. Since his last release on Direct Recordings he’s been championed by Crissy Criss, releasing 2 singles on Crissy’s The Zooo Records, his music has been featured on the BBC and he even dropped a guest mix on the 1Xtra Drum & Bass Show.

We’re proud to announce Ravagers return to Direct Recordings with these two tech-step monsters.

Steamfunk perfectly showcases Ravagers dark deeper side, squelchy basslines, chopped up vocals & bag loads of electronic funk drive this tech-step banger. An immense track that will steam roll any sound system into submission.

Edge of Space takes us into the upper atmosphere of the drum and bass soundscape, the melodic intro keeps you on edge as it builds into a crescendo of razor sharp beats, sub heavy b-lines and Ravagers trade mark synth manipulation.


  • Crissy Criss “Wicked!”
  • Mind Vortex “Wicked production”
  • Logan D “Loving this release”
  • DJ Phantasy “Wicked”
  • Supreme Being “Cool release, vibes”