Jev makes a long overdue return to the Direct Recordings camp with the labels first 3 track extended player, the High Rollers EP.

This EP is a combination of classic techstep & lush vocals, rounded off with the melodic liquid tones the likes of which once saturated the dancefloors of Fabio’s Swerve club nights.

Glue Sniffer rolls out that big club sound that will work well in any DJ’s set, with a solid bassline to test even the toughest sound systems to their limits.

Losing You & Time To Go Back hit you from a different angle, with smile inducing sing along vocals, heavy funk elements and a pure blaxploitation breakdown to make even the most serious head nodders break out a 2 foot shuffle towards the dancefloor.

As a protégé of DJ / producer Special K back in the day, Jev cemented his roots in drum and bass on the front line, working behind the counter in a South London record shop. For the past few years he’s been locked down in the studio building up a collection of beats, this EP is just the first wave of what’s to come!