Big Sounds

While the world has been locked indoors hiding from the COVID-19 pandemic, DJ Ollie has been busy in the studio putting finishing touches to some long overdue new music!

Since lockdown started in the UK, DJ Ollie has released 2 killer slices of drum and bass, Clear To Launch & Big Sound!

Both tracks of course have been extensively tested in the raves and clubs by Ollie, but both show different angles of the D&B sound, very much reflecting the artists genre encompassing style… It’s hard to pigeon hole DJ Ollie’s sound into and particular drum and bass / jungle music sub-genre.

As well as the tracks themselves, we’re particularly pleased with the artwork for Big Sound. The release was due to come out right in the middle of festival season, as such the artwork was designed to resonate with clubbers from around the world heading into the outdoors to gather in front of speaker stacks. Regrettably the pandemic had other plans & all music festivals got cancelled (at least here in the UK they did), but we’re still very pleased that the eye-catching artwork represents the feeling of this tune and that summertime festival vibe ☀️