Sudden Def

London based Sudden Def is a DnB DJ, producer, remixer & musician. A master of bass music styles from D&B to dubstep, his history in the bass music scene speaks for itself.

After playing on some of London’s early pirate radio stations, his skills quickly moved onto his own productions. Starting off making acid house & hip house his passion soon paved the way to making early hardcore/jungle tracks.

Sudden Def signed to legendary hardcore and jungle label Reinforced back in 1992, the same label that introduced the world to legends like 4Hero, Goldie, Peshay & Doc Scott. After hooking up with J Majik in 1993, Sudden Def went on to release several tracks on Infrared throughout the early ’90s, a link which still continues to this day.

Alongside his solo productions Sudden Def also makes tunes with Wickaman under the alias REWIND, releasing on labels such as Infrared, Playaz, D&B Arena, Frequency. Sudden Def has collaborated with J Majik & Wickaman on recent singles Hologram, Mike TV and Shift Control, with more due soon.

Sudden Def’s lifelong journey as a music junkie has prepared him for anything the bass music scene can throw at him, his slick DJ skills cover everything from Oldschool and D&B to Dubstep, his unique style showcases cutting edge sounds grounded in the roots of today’s scene. It is clear that Sudden Def is always trying to better himself and with support from the likes of Adam F, Hype, Andy C, J Majik, Wickaman, AMC, Risky, Vapour, DnB Arena & Rene Lavice, Nicky Blackmarket, we can be sure you’ll be hearing about him for a long time to come.

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