Samy Nicks & Rekwest

Five years ago Sam Nicholls and Tom Gregory walked into the Drum & Bass scene under the name ‘Samy Nicks & Rekwest’. Over the years they have acheived recognised tunes such as ‘1965’, ‘Curtain Call’ and ‘Hayfever’. Fully influenced by the original rolling dance floor tracks of 2007, each added their own touch to create an exciting new range of quirky beats and basslines.

Since then, they have accomplished working with a variety of labels and been supported by highly respected artists – compiling a well rounded profile. Ensuring that each and every tune is individual in its own right, and combining musicality and bold structure, you can be assured their selection will appeal to a home listener just as much as hearing on the club system.

To hear Samy Nicks & Rekwest live is another story. Primarily known for showcasing their own music, their set will expose the listener to a new and intriguing volume of beats. With their dual pre-planning of mixes, combinations of commercial and underground, and rapid fire selection – they will keep you on your feet throughout the duration of their set. They perform regularly around the UK and feature at several yearly events in Belgium.

At this current moment they are working closely for Jaydan’s Smokin Riddims, and Tyke from Playaz with his newly formed label, Holographic Audio. Other recent work includes various remixes for LionDub International and of course now acquainted with DJ Ollie and Direct Recordings.

They have now added a new string to their bow. As of 2015 they are launching their new record label, ‘Amusement Audio’. This will feature music from not only themselves, but artists who are of similar taste and style. The music released will demonstrate the very best of Amusement Audio as Sam and Tom endeavour to select a unique and ‘out-of-the-box’ collective.