Ravager is a producer, promoter and accomplished DJ from the north of Poland. Back in 1998, inspired by the sounds of artists such as Goldie, Future Sound Of London and the Prodigy, Ravager started his production journey.

Continuing along this production path Ravager found himself constantly looking for sources of inspiration, from the D&B scenes in the UK, USA and his native Poland, as well as trying to incorporate his love of hip hop, punk rock and house music into his tunes.

In 2005 Ravager put his production on hold to concentrate on his blossoming DJ career and promoting events in his local town of Bydgoszcz.

These days he manages to juggle DJing alongside some serious time in the studio and his hard work is starting to pay off. His unique DJ style has won over a legion of new followers since one of his sets featured on the Panda Dnb YouTube channel, resulting in over 25,000 hits in just two weeks! Ravager also now has a few releases under his belt on various labels and the future is looking even brighter with his first release on Direct Recordings.